Summer Volunteer Program 2019: Capture Their Minds

Day 10: Monday, 29 July 2019

Jae Yun Jeong, South Korea

It is the Monday after having completed the first week at Jurahiye, the start of the second. Surely there was a greater confidence to rely on after getting to know the teachers, kids, and ways to control the class. One week was enough to draw which activities the kids tend to enjoy more and thus be able to plan in an efficient manner. After the two hour long bus ride to the school, I was greeted along with my other volunteers by the students who wait outside to give high fives to us. It is a small reminder that we are welcomed by the students and probably doing the right effort. As the sports teacher, I teach physical activities to the 3 youngest classes while the last would be my break time and taught by the rest of my co-teachers.

Today we had planned to do limbo using a jump rope, bowling using a small ball and plastic cups, and capture the flag. The last activity was mixed with flag football, where clips were attached to the shirt of the students and the defense team had to remove it in order to eliminate the offense player trying to bring back the objective, a cone, back to their side. We started by having all students participate in the game at the same time with equal numbers on each side, which was simply chaos and thus the offense team always won. Then we proceeded to make it into a 1 on 1, which also failed as the defense player had only one opponent to focus, easily grabbing their shirt and removing the clip. The best balance happened to be two on the offense and one defender, although it was yet not perfect. The kids were planning out strategies by whispering to each other, which turned out to be grabbing the cone and throwing it all the way across the class to their side. We indeed had to ban that.

Chaos most certainly follows for planned activities, especially for the first period with 50 students, but speedy analysis of the game and rectification does allow for them and the rest of the smaller classes to have a better participating experience of the game. The students enjoying the activities us volunteers have planned is truly something to be grateful for and remarkable how relatable we can be to them; how similar kids are despite being from this other side of the world. The kids are well and it gives motivation to plan for a better one for tomorrow.

Jae is volunteering at Jusoor’s educational centers in Lebanon during July and August 2019 as part of the Summer Volunteer Program. You can read more posts by our volunteers here.

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