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Dear Jusoor friends and family,

This summer we’ve been working tirelessly on renovating the Jurrahiyeh school-in-a-tent for Syria children in time for the start of the school year. The new school will be safer, warmer, and better equipped – a place that is a true refuge for the children. This project is done in collaboration with Catalytic Action, SAWA, and Save the Children Italy.

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New beginnings in Lebanon

We are also changing the location of our educational center in Beirut. The Kaskas Center operated for 3 years and is the place where Jusoor’s refugee education program for children was first launched in Lebanon. We thank Al Makassed Association, which generously hosted us at their school for 3 years. We are also grateful to our community in Lebanon and abroad for your continuous support.

We are moving to another building in the area during the summer break with support from INTO GIVING. Stay tuned for exciting news and activities from the new center!

Eid brings with it a special donation

As he promised, Rayan Maqbool’s entire Eid gifts have been donated to our Lebanon program and were matched by his father. Sincere thanks to the Maqbool family. Your contribution supports the salary of one of our teachers for one month, which does not only support the education of children, but also the dignified livelihood of a Syrian refugee family in Lebanon.

Volunteers spend a summer of growth and giving in Lebanon

32 youth joined us this year from around the world. We decided to tell you about it in their own words:

Michael Barrett: “Mr. Michael, I want you to take this with you to your house.”
Ranim, a girl from my class of 9-11 year olds, said this to me today at the end of our lesson. We’d spent the morning colouring in various animals and the places where they live and finished off by writing sentences about them in English: ‘The fish lives in the sea,’ ‘The cow lives on the farm,’ ‘The monkey lives in the jungle’ and so on. Ranim managed to write five different sentences all by herself and when she gave me her animal collage at the end of the lesson I felt a sense of satisfaction, and got the impression that she did too. Today was my third day volunteering at Jusoor’s school more…

Sally Itani: Today was the 13th day with the kids, and it’s our last week together in the summer program. Various emotions are arising inside of me as we are approaching the final goodbye. It has honestly been a hectic journey, yet an absolutely beautiful one. A lot has happened, but in this post, I want to share the story of Firas.

Firas is thirteen years old. When I first met him, he was such an energetic, quite aggressive child, but he smiled a lot. He didn’t come everyday to class, which is the case with many students, and thus I didn’t really get the chance to bond with Firas as I would’ve liked. At the end of the second week, I realized that Firas hasn’t been showing up for quite a while. His friends told me he had found a job and dropped out of school. It saddened me, and I knew it was the fate of many kids at school. More…

To learn more about the Jusoor’s summer volunteer program, click here.

Innovation for refugees

Innovators are invited to apply to MIT Enterprize Forum’s- Pan-Arab Region’s “Innovate for Refugees” competition. The competition calls for creative technological solutions to major challenges faced by refugees. For more information and to apply by the September 1, 2016 deadline, visit

This competition is supported by UNHCR, UNICEF, Jusoor, and UBER, and sponsored by Zain and MBC Hope.

Students funding students

We get frequently contacted by students asking how they can convince their university administrations to award scholarships to Syrians. At Wilfred Laurier University in Canada, students took the matter into their own hands and voted for every member of their community to pay $4 per semester towards a special scholarship fund.

The “International Students Overcoming War Scholarship Fund” or “ISOW” is co-funding 4 students from Syria to start their studies at Laurier University this year.Im struggling, need to control myself, Buy Phenterminebut no good so far. The students are among those selected and supported by us through Jusoor’s 100 Syrian Women, 10,000 Syrian Lives Scholarship Program. For more information about ISOW, click here, and to watch a short video about this partnership, click here.

Thank you for your continuous support.

The Jusoor Leadership Team
Rami Zayat, Abu Dhabi
JP Chilazi, Boston
Aziza Osman, Dubai
Leen Al Zaibak, Toronto
Rania Succar, San Francisco
Fadi Salem, Oxford
Iyad Duwaji, Los Angeles
Dania Ismail, Dubai
Director: Maya Alkateb-­Chami, Philadelphia


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