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Hello everyone. Many requests we’ve been receiving are related to education and scholarships, especially for those who have been displaced.

In the past few months, a lot of light has been shed on the refugee situation and many countries and leaders have paid attention to the importance of integrating youth into society through education.

A few universities have individually taken the decision to offer scholarship for refugees. We’re hoping many others will follow.

Meanwhile, I thought I would compile a list of the scholarships I have heard of in the news and have listed them according to location.

We will get this post translated to Arabic shortly to make it easier for Syrians to read.

Both ways, I firmly believe students should put the effort to read and understand the language of the country they wish to apply to. If you are unable to understand the language of a website or an application then you will surely face difficulties enrolling in a university program. In the meantime, you can always use Google translate to switch the page to Arabic or English.

Necessary piece of information

I have had many students ask me what ‘undergraduate’ and ‘graduate’ means. Simply put,

Undergraduate – Bachelors degree which is usually four years of study in university after completing highschool, or in Syria, ‘baccalaureate’.

Graduate – Is a Masters or PhD program which students can apply to once they have completed their ‘undergraduate’ or ‘bachelor’ degrees.

The list of scholarships


University of Canberra

The university of Canberra has a number of different scholarships available to refugee students, including the Mary Davidson Scholarships for women refugee students and the UC Foundation Refugee Scholarships.

Undergraduate and Graduate

Scholarships and Grants Available for Refugee Students

Scholarship Application

Please go through the full list of scholarships and grants and read the page of each individually to find which scholarship you are eligible to apply for.

Western Sydney University

The College offers scholarships for students who have completed study as part of the Academic Pathway Programs. This scholarship is for students looking to start with an English course and then continue their undergraduate studies at the university.

Read about the announcement for more details


Applying for a Refugee Scholarship

Apply to the university directly through the English Language Program and then select the Refugee Scholarship option. Contact the university directly on the contact email provided on the page above for more information.

Macquarie University

Macquarie University recognises the particular financial and other support needs of students from a refugee background. Two scholarships will be offered each year to students from refugee backgrounds. These scholarships complement the University’s Refugee Mentoring Program, which aims to raise aspirations towards tertiary study among refugee children.


Refugee Scholarship

This scholarship is for Syrians refugees who are ALREADY in Australia.


WUSC Student Refugee Programme

The ‘Student Refugee Programme’ of the World University Service Canada (WUSC), sponsors over 65 student refugees every year, enabling them to enter the country as permanent residents and pursue their education at Canadian universities and colleges.

Undergraduate and Graduate

Information and Application process

Full list of Universities in Canada offering scholarships through WUSC

This opportunity is for Syrians residing in Lebanon and Jordan. I just read that they have CLOSED applications for this year but if you’re planning to apply for next year, keep an eye on the site.

University of Regina

One of the universities that will match the funding from WUSC in Canada is University of Regina. Read their website and contact admissions directly to inquire.

This university accept undergraduate, graduate and transfer students.

Apply to University of Regina


University of Northern B.C.

The University of Northern B.C. and its partners have pledged full scholarships for five Syrian refugees among the millions fleeing the war-torn country.

Read more about the announcement and scholarship details

Apply to UNBC


Georgian College

Georgian College is stepping up to aid Syrian refugees with an offer to cover the cost of schooling for as many as seven students from the war-torn country.

Read about the announcement for more information

Apply to Georgian College here

McGill University

While McGill is considering a number of ways in which it can assist in the situation, it is planning on tripling the number of refugee students it admits through a special student-driven partnership, starting in the next academic year.

Read more about the McGill scholarship announcement

Apply to McGill


Entraide Universitaire

The French University Service (EUF) is an association whose mission is to help refugee students, whatever their country of origin and reasons for their exile.

This grant is for Syrians ALREADY residing in France and is available for those who have completed university.


Requirements to apply for the Entraide Universitaire grant

Application Form


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The DAAD is the world’s largest funding organisation for the international exchange of students and researchers. The DAAD promotes the internationalisation efforts at German institutions of higher education. The aim is to provide young people in Germany and abroad the opportunity to gain international academic and research experience.

Here is a simple search result from selecting “Syrian” as a nationality and “undergraduate” as course of study.


Scholarships for Syrian Undergraduate Students in Germany


Scholarships for Syrian Graduate Students in Germany

A full list of graduate courses, universities and application deadlines for scholarships from DAAD

List of requirements to apply for the DAAD graduate degree scholarships

How to Get a Master’s Degree in Germany?


General information for DAAD Scholarship Applicants

“How do I get a Scholarship” answers from DAAD

Information for Refugees by Studying in Germany

Germany Visa

German Health Insurance

Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund (DAFI)

The DAFI programme contributes to skills development, empowerment and academic achievement as part of a broader UNHCR strategy of promoting self-reliance and durable solutions for refugees.


Information on the DAFI scholarship and how to apply

Note: The document above states that Syrians will need to visit the UNHCR office in their area and ask for the DAFI application form.
I have contacted them directly to see if we can make this process online and easier than it is currently outlined. I will update this post once I receive more information.

Otto Benecke Foundation

Otto Benecke is a non-profit organisation launched in 1965 by the German students’ associations. The foundation runs educational programmes with the aim of integrating immigrants and refugees into German society.

Undergraduate and Graduate application form

This scholarship is for students who are ALREADY in Germany. This organization will help find the CLOSEST university to your current residence and will contact them to offer a scholarship for your course of study. I also read that this organization helps students whose study has been interrupted. This is perfect for Syrians who have left university.

Please contact them directly for more information. I will try and find Syrian mentors that are in Germany to help you through this process.

GWI Hegg Hoffet Fund

The GWI Hegg Hoffet Fund provides assistance to women graduates and, in special cases, women tertiary students, who have been displaced as a result of war or political upheavals, natural disasters, or other serious emergencies.

This scholarship is for WOMEN specifically and they need to have completed their undergraduate studies. Please contact them directly to ask whether your situation applies for a scholarship before you take the time to fill out the application form.

About the Scholarship and Contact Information

GWI Hegg Hoffet Application Form

As far as I know, this is a fund, which means that they offer grants based on your situation, university application, course of study, location etc.

This grant will be easier to attain if you have already applied to a university and received your acceptance. This would make you a more eligible candidate to receive funding to start your graduate degree at the univeristy of your choice.

I also highly recommend this for Syrian women who are ALREADY in a European country.



Lebanese Association for Scientific Research

The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research LASeR is a Non-Governmental Organization and are helping Syrian students in Lebanon through scholarships to the Lebanese University and AUL.

Apply for a Scholarship in Lebanon

Haigazian University

Haigazian University in Beirut awards $1 million in scholarships to Armenian students each year. They are accepting Syrian ARMENIAN students for the scholarships.

Apply to Haigazian University 




Habesha is a non-government organization offering Syrian students visas, full scholarships, health insurance, accommodation with a local family and a monthly stipend for the duration of their studies.

They even made a website in ARABIC


Apply to Habesha


The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF

UAF is an independent organization financed by funds. The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF supports and counsels highly skilled refugees. We offer financial support for their study (like tuition fees, language courses, books, computers and travel expenses). We advise refugees about their choice of study and counsel them while they are studying and looking for a job.

Undergraduate and Graduate

Application Requirements and Process

This organization helps with funding tuition and with job seeking. First, they will help you learn Dutch, second they will help you apply for a university and fund the tuition.

You need to be ALREADY a refugee in the Netherlands to apply.

United Kingdom

Warwick University

Warwick University announced it will provide 20 scholarship for Syrian students in both undergraduate and graduate courses for the coming year.

Undergraduate and Graduate

Eligibility and Information

University Application 

You should apply to the university directly and mention in the application that you are applying for the Warwick refugee scholarship.

Please refer to the article ‘Eligibility and Information’ above for the contact person if you have any questions.


University of York

The University of York today announces it is establishing a package of initiatives worth up to £500,000, over three years, to help refugees who are escaping the worsening humanitarian crisis in Syria, North Africa and the Middle East.


The new student scholarships are made possible by a University decision to waive fees and by redirecting existing philanthropic donations to support student living costs. The scheme will provide financial support for three undergraduate students per year and will initially run for three years. Each award will provide a full fee waiver and a maintenance award of up to £8,100. The total value of each award will be either £23,780 or £28,200 per year depending on the student’s programme of study.

Application Process

The scholarships at York will be available to students who are seeking asylum or have been granted limited leave to remain in the UK as the result of an asylum application.

University of Sussex

A new scholarship to support 50 Syrian refugees to prepare for university study has been established by the University of Sussex.

Each scholarship is worth up to £10,000 per student and will cover the full course tuition fees together with £100 per week contribution towards living costs.

The Sussex Refugee Scholarship will enable Syrians newly arrived in the UK to take an intensive English language course in preparation for university study.

Read more about the announcement for details

Apply for the English Language Course at Sussex


University of East London

The University of East London has responded to the refugee crisis currently gripping Europe by committing to offer ten postgraduate scholarships to Syrians sheltering in camps after fleeing their civil war. The scholarships will cover all academic fees.


Information and Application Process

To apply for the above scholarship, you will need to be a refugee in the UK.

SOAS University of London

SOAS, University of London today announced the creation of seven new scholarships for refugee students wishing to study at SOAS. The new scholarships are available for four undergraduate and three postgraduate students starting in 2016/17. SOAS Development Team will be seeking philanthropic donations to cover scholarship students’ living expenses.

Undergraduate and Graduate

About the Scholarship and Application Process

Apply to the university directly as an undergraduate or graduate student and select the SOAS Refugee Scholarship.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is assembling an advisory team for students and academics fleeing war and persecution.“A team based in the University’s International Office will offer advice to prospective students and staff with refugee status.“Edinburgh will provide a range of measures to help displaced staff and students.“Staff will offer English language tuition, financial advice, counselling and support with admissions.“The University will continue to provide financial assistance for students and staff with refugee status, including £100,000 in refugee scholarship support over the next three years.”

For more information about the announcement

Apply to the University of Edinburgh

University of Glasgow

Details about the university announcement to provide scholarships

Apply to University of Glasgow


SAID Foundation

Applications for Said Foundation scholarships will open on 31 July 2015. All applications must be submitted online by 23.59 UK time on 30 November 2015. Before starting an application, please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and have read the Information Notes for Applicants. There is a separate application procedure for Oxford and Cambridge universities and different eligibility criteria. Please read the Information Notes for Oxford and Cambridge Applicants and refer to the universities’ websites.


List of University Partners with SAID foundation

Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarships in Syria are awarded to outstanding emerging leaders to pursue a one-year Master’s at any UK university. The scholarship programme provides a unique opportunity for future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.

Apply for a Chevening Scholarship

United States

Syracuse University

Syracuse University is offering a Refugee Scholarship
This program is administered by the Office of Admissions with CenterStateCEO. Students should follow normal admissions and financial aid deadlines. The Special Refugee Award covers full tuition and fees from all federal, state, and University grant and scholarship sources.
This scholarship is renewable at the same time each year provided the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 2.75 and completes at least 12 credits per semester.

Applying to Syracuse University


For questions on the scholarships,  please do NOT contact me personally but free free to contact the university or organization directly.

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