Jusoor-Windsor Law Scholarship for a Syrian Refugee


The Syrian refugee crisis has been in the spotlight because of the urgent need for humanitarian assistance to the millions of refugees. The United Nations estimates over six million Syrians have been internally displaced because of the conflict in their home country, while four million have been externally displaced. Canada has resettled 27,000 Syrian refugees so far, but while the Canadian government and public are taking steps to support the Syrian newcomers in their resettlement in Canada, empowering Syrian youth through education is a vital need.

In this light, Jusoor is partnering with the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor to extend the opportunity to a Syrian refugee student to pursue a Master’s Degree in Law. This program emphasizes rigorous scholarship centered on the themes of Access to Justice and Transnational Law. The student’s research interests for their master’s studies should fit within one or both of these two themes.

This scholarship is open to Syrian students who have moved recently to Canada and are currently living in Canada.

Eligible criteria:

  • Student must be Syrian or have a Syrian passport or ID

Selection criteria:

  1. Academic achievement (applicants should have a law degree (such as an LLB or JD) or be exceptional students with an undergraduate degree in a law-related discipline)
  2. Personal achievement
  3. English language ability to complete the academic program
  4. Interest in and commitment towards rebuilding Syria

For more information about the program, click here.

Eligible students should apply by filling this form by June 26th, 2016. Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit transcripts and a letter of recommendation. Based on the the received applications, Jusoor will nominate a number of students to the university, which will make the final selection decision.

For questions please write to Leen Al Zaibak at leen.alzaibak@jusoorsyria.com

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