Career Development Program

Jusoor Career Development program launched to support Syrian youth in finding work opportunities outside of Syria that align with their talent and skills. The program started in 2012 with the influx of Syrians to neighboring countries and the Gulf where they found themselves unable to join the job market due to the difference in application process and the lack of skills that were required in the workplace.

Our workshops have focused on an array of topics customized to fit Syrian educational and professional backgrounds with a focus on building their skills and understanding of the professional world in the countries they now reside in. The program introduces candidates to resources and provides an overview of the process and routes to successful career trajectory.

Jusoor’s Career Development program initiatives

Career Workshops

Jusoor offers career workshops aimed at enhancing the skills and competencies of young Syrians looking to find jobs outside of Syria.

The workshop is an interactive, full day session for about 15- 20 participants facilitated by professionals knowledgeable in personal, professional, and life coaching with backgrounds from different industries. Workshop topics include:

  • Identifying and Setting Goals
  • Career Planning
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Tips
  • Advancing in Career


Once candidates have completed the workshop series, or if they already have the clear vision of their industry along with qualifications and experience, we pair them up with professionals in their industry through online mentorship sessions focused on counseling and supporting graduates and young Syrians in the choice of career.

The sessions are one-hour conference audio/video calls between the mentor and mentee over a two months’ period to help young Syrians fully understand the industry they are entering, the way of work in companies, organizational structure, job responsibilities and ways to advance in their field.

Workplace Experiences

To further the experience of young Syrians in the workplace, Jusoor partners with regional and multinational organizations to involve their departments and employees in the development of Syrians by inviting candidates to join them for work during a specific timeframe.

The first hand experience of a workplace, understanding job roles, departments, units and daily operations in various industries is crucial for young graduates looking to build a career. This experience allows organizations, the private and public sector, to get involved and contribute by simply inviting young graduate Syrians to shadow them at work.

Resume/CV Support

Jusoor partnered with Talent Beyond Boundaries to develop international skilled work opportunities with and for refugees. To build and submit a resume in Talent Beyond Boundaries’ online Talent Catalog, and get training in resume writing on the way, click here.

Job Market Integration in Germany

Jusoor partners with SINGA Germany to offer workshops to Syrian newcomers, designed to help them find suitable jobs by enhancing their career profiles and increasing their competence in the job market.


Get Involved

Facilitate A Workshop

Volunteer by facilitating a workshop in your city to help young Syrians enhance their skills and pursue a career

Become a Mentor

Mentor a young graduate through a one-on-one session online and make a real difference in their lives

Register Your Organization

Register your organization to invite young Syrians to visit and learn from shadowing your team members

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