Academic Mentorship Program

Jusoor offers academic advice through the Academic Mentorship Program to Syrian students requiring help in their university application processes and seeking more information on academic choices and studying abroad. The program is focused on connecting expatriate Syrians and volunteers with highly ambitious students in Syria and those recently displaced to provide coaching and mentoring throughout their academic life.

Mentees and mentors are matched based on the country or region that the student is interested in applying to, the field of study the student is pursuing, or a specific university the student is looking to enroll in. They collaborate over the course of 3 months, mainly online, and work in small groups containing a mentor and up to 3 mentees.


Young Syrians seeking advice on their undergraduate or graduate university application are welcome to apply below as mentees. Advice will focus on writing personal statements, recommendations and reference letters, field of study, admission, university life, living expenses, and applying for scholarships, among other topics.


Volunteers interested in helping young Syrians on their academic path by advising them in their university applications can apply below as mentors. Mentors support our program in assisting mentees/students in various ways, ranging from sharing personal experiences with university applications and finding suitable universities, to assisting during the application process.

How to Apply

The Spring 2021 program is open!

If you would like to indicate your interest to serve as a mentor, please see here. Mentees can access their application here. Submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis for consideration for the Spring 2020 cycle.

Mentees will be required to participate in a brief one-on-one interview to ensure proficiency in English.

Mentors and mentees will be expected to commit for the entire duration of the program, for an 8-week duration starting from March/April 2021. The estimated time commitment is a few hours per week but may be increased at the mentor and mentee’s discretion. Detailed program guidelines will be sent to all accepted mentors and mentees before the cycle begins.

The Three Components of The Mentorship Program

Group Mentorship

Students seeking help with their university application process apply as mentees. Jusoor matches each mentee with a volunteer mentor who will guide him or her through the application process and answer questions they may have on various applications. Mentors lead up to three mentees throughout the mentorship period.

Online Q&A Sessions

Public question and answer sessions are organized to allow mentors to share their experience with a wider audience. Upcoming sessions are announced on our Facebook Page and session-recordings are available on our website.

Meetings Around The World

Jusoor encourages Syrian students and students-to-be to connect and share experiences about applying to universities and succeeding in their academic programs and growing careers. If you are interested in organizing an in-person event in your city, contact us below.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Jusoor Mentoring

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