Jusoor Summer Program 2017: Kid’s Next door – Bringing everyone closer together

Lana Abi Rached, Lebanon – France

As humans, we develop empathy towards other living beings, especially those who look and feel like us. We tend to respect life; as we know how valuable ours and our loved one’s is for us.

Through centuries and eras, humans naturally developed communities in order to protect themselves, exchange and grow. While relationships tighten between members of the same community, the gap between this community and ‘others’ only grows. However, times change and modern social platforms offer us the opportunity of belonging not only to your own community, but to a wider, global community. We live today in a globalised world, where getting closer is so much easier and doesn’t need any compromise. Although technology is way ahead, we still cling to the inherited tendency to always look within.

Since we are the product of our environment and experiences, we generally identify more to people living in ‘our epicentre’. On multiple dimensions (geographical, wealth, social status, religion, etc.), the farther one stands from our epicentre, the more different one is perceived.
We tend to forget that every single one of us is different, and that ultimately all we have in common is that we are all different. We are so complex and so deeply unalike that differences like nationality or religion should seem futile, especially when assessing a human life’s worth. It scares us to realise how different we are – but we are only human. We alleviate our daily struggles by forgetting what is easy to forget, ignoring what seems ‘far’ and protecting ourselves from seemingly superfluous pain – but we are only human. Refugees are only human too.


I strongly believe that all human beings are strictly equal and should be treated this way.
My goal is to breach the gap between the world and Syrians, especially Syrian kids. I want to create a ‘conversation’, a certain means of ludic communication between the international community and Syrian Refugees. By engaging in this way, I aim to enhance people’s perception of Syrians and make it more human. I want people to realise that even though it seems far, war is still happening and actual real humans are suffering. I want people to realise that we are all in the same boat and that our fellow Syrian compatriots need help. This project, called “Kids Next Door” does not aim on making people feel sad or guilty. On the contrary, it aims on giving people are clearer feel on the beauty of human connection.
I want to offer to people the opportunity to help in their own way, engage more and make everyone feel ‘closer’; Make individuals realise that, each one of us is only human, but together we are humanity. If we all help a little, if we all feel more concerned, we might be able to change things – or at least try.

Thanks to Jusoor, I was able to set up my project and film the kids from the Jusoor school in Jib Janine. Everyone was very supportive, teachers, the administration, Jusoor and the kids. Kids were golden; they give meaning to my project. I filmed them playing, laughing and having fun. I want to show that, in the end, a child is a child who deserves the best care and education that our world has to offer. They are the future of our society and this is way Jusoor’s work is so important and wonderful.

I am slowly building it and you will be able to find it on Facebook soon enough. I strongly encourage every person interested enough to read this post to go and participate. It’s fun, easy and, above all, will help us touch more people.


Lana volunteered at Jusoor’s educational centers in Lebanon during July and August 2017 as part of the summer volunteer program. You can read more posts by our volunteers here.

Posted on October 2, 2017 in Summer Program 2017

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