Jusoor’s 2019 Art Auction

Jusoor’s 2019 Art Auction brings together the global Syrian art community to raise much-needed funds to send young Syrian women to university through the 100 Syrian Women scholarship.

The auction will be held live at Jusoor’s 2019 Gala Dinner, London, but you have the chance to bid on these beautiful pieces of art even if not able to attend.



Special Thanks from Jusoor

We say thank you to every individual who has contributed to making this art auction possible. We would like to thank the Ayyam Gallery for contributing artwork from their collection. We would like to also thank all the independent artists in the auction who have donated their work to our auction and believe in our cause.

We also extend our deepest gratitude to Christie’s and Nick Finch and Arlene Blanker for their collaboration. In addition, all the following members have played an important role in putting our auction together, including our friend and Art Advisor Hala Khayat, Christie’s Middle East, our friend and Art Advisor, Janet Rady from Janet Rady Fine Art for curatorship and artist advice as well as our dedicated planning committee James Lees and Kareem Sakka. Finally, we would like to thank the art enthusiasts taking part in this evening’s art auction. Through your generous contributions a number of Syrian students will now have the opportunity to continue their education. Funds raised from this auction will be used towards Jusoor’s scholarship programmes, including our 100 Syrian Women Scholarship programme.

How does Absentee bidding work?

How does it work? The auction will start on September 30, 2019 with absentee bids by online form found here. These bids must be placed in Pounds and received by October 3 at the address gala@jusoorsyria.com. This will be followed by a live auction during Jusoor’s fundraising dinner in London on the evening of October 4th 2019. Absentee bids are confidential and will be taken into account in the live auction. Jusoor will confirm all absentee bids received by sending an email confirmation to the bidder.

How can I arrange a written absentee bid? A written bid is your written instruction to bid for you on one or more pieces at the amount you have specified for the artwork/s. To arrange a written bid, please fill out the on this page. You will also receive a confirmation email for each bid form that you submitted online, whether for a single bid or a group of bids. Because written bids are time-stamped, we recommend that you submit your bid as early as possible. If two or more parties leave identical bids the first bid received will take precedence. Immediately after the auction, the successful bidder will receive an invoice by email. All other bidders will receive letters reporting the status of their bids. 

What is the required information for the absentee bid? You will be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number and email. Jusoor may at its discretion ask you for a copy of a government issued photo identification document, such as a driver’s license or passport. 

What is the latest time that I can submit an absentee bid? At 23:00 GMT on the 3rd of October 2019. 

How much should I bid? We recommend that you enter the highest amount you are willing to pay in your bid field. Buyers are required to pay for purchases immediately after the auction, and will be sent invoices with payment details and instructions. 

Shipping, handling, and import charges It is the buyer’s responsibility to pick up purchases or make shipping arrangements. After payment has been made in full, Jusoor may assist in packing and shipping at the buyer’s request and expense. All art pieces will be available for collection straight after the auction or by appointment in London, starting on October 6, 2019. The property sold at the auction may be subject to import restrictions/taxes of foreign countries. These fees may be added to the final selling price. If this is the case these fees will be listed as a separate item in the invoice. 

Can I change or cancel a bid? Yes. Bids can be changed or cancelled online up to 23:00 GMT on October 3, 2019 by emailing us at gala@jusoorysira.com

Where will the funds raised from the auction go? 0-30% of the artwork’s bidding price will go to the artists, and the percentage is indicated in the booklet for each artwork. Costs associated with the auction have been covered by our sponsors. The remaining amount in full will be allocated to Jusoor’s scholarship programs. For further information please write to us at gala@jusoorsyria.com

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