Jusoor Crowdfunding Initiative

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Jusoor supports the education of students worldwide through scholarships and mentorship. Besides these programs we are aware of the thousands of students who face funding gaps when financing their education, so we stepped in to make their voices heard and help them reach their goals and continue their education. Help us help them become the future leaders they aspire to be!

Donate here and please include the student’s name as a note to help us track your contribution. The money raised for the Hardship Fund is a system of continuous donation. The fund is a sustainable grant awarded to the student as a non-interest loan. In the future, once returned, it will help support other students.

Meet The Students

Support Mohamed Ehab Al-Wazour

student 3Mohamed Ehab Al-Wazour is a brilliant student and caring son. He moved to Lebanon to care for his elderly parents and protect them from the atrocities of the war. Mohamed is currently trying to obtain a degree in interior designing from the Arts, Sciences & Technology University In Lebanon.

With his talent and determination, and although he is still a student, Mohamed has been working three freelance interior designing jobs, in order to provide for his parents and ensure himself a proper education. Due to the financial restraints, he has been registering the bare minimum number of courses per semester. As of today, Mohamed has only one more semester to obtain his degree. He dreams of one day being financially stable so that he can tend to his parents. In addition, he hopes to someday be able to take part in rebuilding Syria. Mohamed only needs $5,000 dollars for his dream to come true.

Support Fatima Almualeim

student 2Fatima’s dream is to one-day walk through Syria’s streets with buildings she designed towering over her on either side. It is going to take a lot more than unfavorable financial issues to stop Fatima AlMualeim from pursuing her dreams. Only months away from graduating as an architect, the intolerable circumstances in Syria forced her to flee to Jordan. For a while, Fatima lost all hope. She believed that all her effort in Syria had been useless. She almost believed that being an architect just was not written for her. Thankfully, Fatima got over that feeling soon enough, and she tried persistently for two year to complete her studies in Jordan. However, her efforts were in vain. Finally an opportunity arose for her to follow her dream in Spain.

Currently, she is enrolled at Universidad Europea de Madrid as an architecture student. Rewarded for her talent, Fatima was given the opportunity to intern at one of the top 5 architecture studios in Spain. Initially, her family was covering the costs for her tuition, but unfortunately, as the situation in Syria continued to worsen, her family could no longer afford to pay. Fatima is currently attempting freelance work but as a novice, this is not dependable.

Fatima is only five thousand dollars and three semesters short of reaching her goal to become an architect, and to one day rebuild Syria one brick at a time.

Support Mohamed Marwan

student 1Mohamed Marwan is currently studying computer and network engineering at Universiti Malaysia Perlis. He has three more semesters to graduate. His major is an ever-changing and developing field. In addition, it is crucial in every aspect of life from traffic lights, to radars, to navigation systems.

Mohamed had been studying Informatics Engineering for a year in Homs before the events took place. His family once lived a comfortable life. His father is employed, and receives what used to be an adequate salary. Due to the crisis, prices have increased drastically, and the Syrian Lira has lost its value. Taking these factors into consideration, his father’s once ample salary is no longer adequate. His dad has taken a loan from the bank in order for Mohamed to complete his studies. Mohamed fears that the weight of the burden he has put on his parents is too much to bear. He worries about his siblings and whether they will get an equal shot at an education like he has.

His completing his education will bring about many benefits. First, he can get employed, and would be able to pay back his family. Second, he will be able to provide for his siblings and give them a chance at a proper education. And last but not least, he will be ready to return to Syria when the time is right to rebuild what used to be, but in a more developed and advanced manner. Mohamed is only five thousand dollars and three semesters away from reaching his goal.

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