Joy for Syrian Children Through A Brand New School

For most children around the world, a school is just a place to learn to read and write, but it means a lot more than that to Syrian children who have been forced by the crisis to flee to neighboring countries. To them, a school is a place of security, an escape from the deterioration of their home country, a rehabilitation center for hope, and an educational catalyst to develop their skills and competencies.

The war in Syria has forced nearly 12 million people – over half of them children – to migrate to neighboring countries. 1.8 million Syrian refugees have fled to Lebanon alone – to put this into perspective: one in five people in Lebanon are Syrian refugees.

Syrian refugee children have been robbed of a normal childhood. While children in other places around the globe are playing freely, sleeping peacefully, getting an education, and building a better future, millions of Syrian children have been forced to abandon education, work for long, hard hours, and live in rundown camps.

But I soon realized despair over the situation isn’t going to get us very far. There is A LOT we can do for Syrian children.


In the Jarrahieh camp in Lebanon, Jusoor decided to take action about the lack of schools for Syrian refugee children living there. Syrian refugee children face great challenges when it comes to education, for example, it is very difficult for Syrian children to successfully progress to the Lebanese public schools, as they’re taught in English- a language Syrian children weren’t taught much about back in their Syrian schools.

In partnership with Sawa for Aid and Development, Jusoor built a makeshift school for over 300 Syrian children living in the Jarrahieh area in Lebanon. The school teaches the children, aged 5 to 14 years old, basic Arabic and English literacy, math, science, art, and sports.

But the school was still rundown: instead of proper structure, the school is composed of connecting tents and has issues with lighting, temperature and sound control, making it even harder for the children to get an education.

Here is where WE come in. Jusoor is currently running a fundraiser to upgrade the school and fix many of its issues, and has joined hands with Catalytic Action and Sawa to implement the project.

Syrian children need a school that is a refuge from the often harsh realities of life. With issues in lighting, temperature, and sound control out of the way and the addition of recreational spaces, children will be better able to learn, create sustainable and strong friendships, destress, feel safe, and relax.The new school will be well-equipped and stable: a place where the children can learn, play, and flourish.

Every donation – no matter how small – counts. This is a remarkable opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of Syrian children.

Thank you for your support!

Posted on September 28, 2016 in Refugee Education, Refugees

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