Jusoor-IIT Initiative for Syrian Students


The Syrian Scholarship Initiative at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) provides Syrian students with need-based scholarships to enroll at the university. Jusoor is proud to partner with IIT and EducationUSA to fund the scholarships. Scholarships are available at all degree levels and in all fields offered by Illinois Institute of Technology, which can be found on the university website.

Selection Criteria

  • Grades: Exceptionally high grades from students at the top of their classes, especially in the Math, Science, and English classes. Transcripts will be required.
  • Baccalaureate Scores: 86% or higher, not including the Religion and Language sub-scores. Applicants will be required to upload a scanned copy of the original and an English translation.
  • Language proficiency: Advanced level of English that would allow a student to succeed in a rigorous university environment.
  • Strength of character: Demonstrated leadership qualities, involvement in the community, a passion for education.
  • Valid passport, Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Résumé, and Letter of Recommendation (optional)

Program outcomes

Through this program, 16 students were initially supported by Jusoor, followed up by an additional 34 benefiting from partial scholarships from IIT, and making the Syrian student cohort at the university number 40 students.

Having started their studies in 2012 or 2013, most of the students have graduated and moved on to hold their first work assignments at companies including Google, Apple, General Motors, Motorolla, and Goldman Sacks, to name a few.

Participants in this program actively keep a blog that has had more than 200 posts. To reach about their experiences and reflections, visit this link.

“Studying in the US enabled me to learn and do things that I would have never been able to do in Syria. I learned from out-of-the-classroom programs more than I did in class, met international students from everywhere, each with their own stories and visions, and was amazed at the investment in building leadership skills, allowing students to have their own organizations and their own voice on campus. During my studies, I co-founded and became the vice president of the IIT Chapter of the Arab American Engineers and Architects Association, where I helped others network and advance their professional lives. I also volunteered as a judge in the Future City Competition, an extracurricular program where middle school students design future cities. I got inspired by how students were encouraged to do research to find solutions, and how they got exposed to new fields at this age. Now I am working with that organization as a mentor and would love to do something similar with refugee children from Syria.” – Mouna, IIT

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