Jusoor-IIE Scholarship for Students in Zaatari Camp


Jusoor is proud to partner with the Institute of International Education to provide full scholarships for Syrian university students in Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp, through the “From Camp to Campus Program.” Selected students will be placed at public universities in Jordan and offered transportation scholarships in addition to full tuition.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student currently lives in the Za’atari refugee camp in Northern Jordan.
  • Student is registered as a refugee with UNHCR.
  • Student has completed at least three semesters of full time undergraduate education.
  • Student is in a field of study that could be particularly useful to his / her fellow refugees after graduation, such as education, social work, nursing, or practical health sciences.
  • Student has a proven track record of community service and is committed to giving back to his / her community after university graduation.

For more information, please contact

Christina Peebles

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