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We are happy to share with you our latest news and invite you to join hands with us by taking action and making a donation. Half of Jusoor’s annual operating budget is covered by individual donations, and the greatest number of these falls between $21 and $50. Yes, $21-$50 given by hundreds of individuals is what’s changing the lives of Syria’s children and youth. The Jusoor End of Year Giving Campaign is still on and we have achieved 26% of our fundraising target so far.

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As 2016 is drawing to a close, we are very pleased to announce our continued partnerships with Oxford and Cambridge Universities to allow exceptional Syrian students the opportunity to get an exceptional education.

The Oxford-Jusoor Graduate Scholarship for Syrian Students

Jusoor is partnering again with St. Antony’s College and the University of Oxford to offer a scholarship for one Syrian student per year. The scholarship covers course and college fees, and includes a grant for living costs. The application deadline is January 8 or 22, 2017 based on the chosen course of study, and scholarship and eligibility criteria are available here.

The Jusoor-Cambridge Scholarship

In partnership with Cambridge University, Jusoor continues to provide full funding for one student per year through the Jusoor-Cambridge Scholarship. This scholarship allows the selected student to study for a one year Masters’ course at the University of Cambridge across a wide range of subjects, and aims to provide young Syrian women and men with the skills they need to contribute positively to Syria’s future. The application deadline is February 28, 2017. For more information about the scholarship and how to apply, click here.

Meet our current Jusoor Oxford Scholar

“I was born in Latakia and graduated in 2011 with a BSc in Economics from Tishreen University,” says Iyad Yousef. “After the war broke out, I joined the Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development, where I was responsible for designing and implementing immediate humanitarian crisis interventions among other tasks. At the beginning of 2014, I realized that my tasks were reactive rather than proactive. My work dealt with the consequences of the war, rather than root causes. Consequently, I decided to pursue an advanced degree in Conflict Resolution, examining the root causes of wars and proposing practical solutions. Brandeis University offered me a seat in the 2014/2015 class, where I joined the conflict resolution team at the Carter Center and assisted in mapping the Syrian Civil War.”

“In March 2016, I was admitted to the University of Oxford and was able to enroll in the Master of Public Policy Program thanks to the Jusoor-Oxford Scholarship. Right before that, I had the chance to do research with Human Rights Watch. I look forward to continuing a career in research in the area of public policy. I am interested in identifying the core components of a successful state-build model in the Syrian context.”

In addition to his academic work, Iyad is currently playing with the University of Oxford basketball team, which won a game against their rival, the University of Cambridge by 3 points lately.

100 Syrian Women, 10,000 Syrian Lives Scholarship highlight

The first group of participants in the program had their first in-person group mentorship meeting in New York City last October, and continue to thrive in their programs across 12 universities in the US and Canada.

Nada Odeh, is pursuing a Master’s in Museum studies at Syracuse University with the support of this scholarship. “I am really happy and I want to graduate with honors, get experience, and establish a good foundation for my project, Nada’s Picassos, an art education project for children,” says Nada. “Many things have changed in my life after the scholarship. It is not only a financial relief, but also the fact that there are people from my country, Syria, who appreciate what I do and care about me, appreciating the importance of my existence on earth as a woman and as a human being.”

As a Syrian artist, activist, and modern-day poet, Nada was invited by the Working Group on Girls to be a guest speaker at a recent Girls Against Violence Committee event in New York City. We are very proud of her. For more information about the 100 Syrian Women, 10,000 Syrian Lives Scholarship Program, click here.

Weeks remain untill Jusoor’s emergency education and teacher-training workshop and conference in Beirut!

Jussor is organizing a regional teacher-training workshop in emergency education on January 6-8, 2017 in Beirut. The training will give participating educators the chance to share their experiences and expertise in this area, and to learn about the most recent developments in the delivery of emergency education to Syrian refugee children in the Middle East.

To attend, register by the December 25, 2016 deadline here. Priority will be given to educators working in the region and travel expenses will be covered as needed for this group. For the detailed program click here.

The training is followed by a regional conference on improving delivery of emergency education to Syrian refugee children in the Middle East through teacher training, which will take place in Beirut on January 10, 2017.

The training and conference are supported by the Varkey Foundation and Beirut Digital District. We are now collecting registrations for an attendance waitlist for the conference and still have a few spots available. To register, kindly fill this form and wait for a confirmation from us. Priority will be given to educators. For more information about the conference click here.

Jusoor is hiring!

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Director of Refugee Education Program: The Director will oversee and work on the coordination and administration of all aspects of our Lebanon program, from needs assessment and planning, to implementation and communication. The application deadline is January 20, 2017. Help us spread the word to qualified candidates. For more information click here.
Best wishes for 2017!

The Jusoor Leadership Team
Rami Zayat, Abu Dhabi
Fadi Salem, Oxford
Iyad Duwaji, Dallas
JP Chilazi, Boston
Rania Succar, San Francisco
Aziza Osman, Dubai
Dania Ismail, Dubai
Leen Al Zaibak, Toronto
Director: Maya Alkateb-­Chami, Philadelphiav

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