Early Childhood Education

One of the most prominent findings of recent scientific research is the importance of early childhood development and learning, particularly in adversity. An entire generation of children’s developmental and learning milestones are at risk if early childhood needs are left unaddressed.

Currently, Jusoor’s schools enroll children aged 6 years old and above. However, these children have shown significant learning difficulties due to (a) lack of exposure to any school environment and (b) the evident cognitive and emotional damage caused by a childhood steeped in the poverty, trauma and violence of a refugee camp setting.

By introducing an Early Childhood Program, Jusoor aims to provide 600 refugee children aged 3-5 years in Lebanon with pre-school education and psychosocial support, such that they achieve “School-Readiness” – physically, linguistically, cognitively and socio-emotionally – by the time they enrol in formal schooling, improving their prospects for academic success and a lifetime of fulfilling their potential.

Implementation will be gradual, contingent upon availability of funds.

Jusoor’s Early Childood Education Goals

Syrian & Palestinian Refugee Children enrolled
ECE Schools
ECE Classrooms
New Jobs Created for Refugee Teachers

Help provide young children with a healthy childhood

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