Build bridges to education on #Giving Tuesday

#Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving. A chance to give back and do something good. 

This #Giving Tuesday on December 3rd, help Jusoor build bridges to education for Syrian refugee children and avoid a lost generation.

Nine years of conflict has taken a devastating toll on education. More than two million Syrian children are not in school, and a million more are at risk of dropping out, according to UNICEF. Many children have missed years of vital learning while others have never had the opportunity to go to school. 

For Syrian refugee children like Hala*, Jusoor’s educational centres in Lebanon offer a second chance at a future. 10 year-old Hala fled to Lebanon after her hometown was bombed and her father was killed in the conflict. Hala missed out on two years of vital learning due to the conflict but with support from Jusoor, Hala is being helped back into education.  For Hala, Jusoor is a bridge to the future and a chance to fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor. 

This #Giving Tuesday, you can help Syrian refugee children like Hala build a brighter future through education.

Here’s how you can make a difference on #Giving Tuesday. 

  • Give a donation. Every single donation will help us provide vital classroom supplies and basic educational needs for thousands of Syrian refugee children.
  • Join our campaign on facebook. Sign up to our facebook event to stay tuned for updates.
  • Start your own Facebook Fundraiser. Set up a fundraising page on facebook and ask your friends, family and networks to contribute to our efforts to help give Syrian refugee children an education. Download our Campaign Toolkit to get started.
  • Give time. Sign up to become a volunteer to teach children at one of our educational centres in Lebanon.
  • Share on social media. Share this story on social media to help spread the #Giving Tuesday campaign. Don’t forget to tag us on facebook.

Whichever way you choose to give back on #Giving Tuesday, your contribution will make a real difference to the lives of Syrian refugee children. 

Posted on November 26, 2019 in Jusoor news, Refugee Education, Refugees

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