Summer Program 2015: An Inner Blast

Mohammed Alskekh Deeb

The last two days were a blessing for me, many super hyperactive students who were thirsty for any fun activity. Both sections – the morning section and the afternoon section – showed enthusiasm to participate in the activities and use the materials prepared.

For a teacher, it is important to identify and alter some tools to fit every section’s needs. The morning section was a bit far from my expectations, because the students were new to school, even handling a pencil in the correct way was a tiring task for some.

However, this could be excused to the last incident of the fire that spread through the camp in Jarahiyeh. This catastrophe could indoubtedly affect their lives, psychologically and financially.


The afternoon section was working smoothly. The kids were collected from the camps around the area. Everyone showed a distinctive result in different activities. Even their level of creativity was relatively more advanced than the first section of students that came to school in the morning.

I can sum my last two days by having an inner blast. I learned so much, from improving my patience to developing new ways of expressing an idea.

I discovered that children have high levels of brainstorming. For example, I asked the students to draw a shape and hang it on the wall then everyone should comment on the other’s work and explaining what they see, everyone found extra two or three objects in the drawing, but surprisingly I can observe only one.

Lastly, I would recommend other volunteers to implement an art class after English class, which I believe are related because I saw results indicating a high success rate of understanding English by following the class with arts. For example, when teaching kids the alphabet in English, I made sure to embed it in drawings or modelling clay.

I realized that allowing children to model the letters with clay, they recalled the shapes of the letters and allowed time for the information to sink in. Once they had finished the alphabet, I would go on and ask them to build their favorite thing.

2- Mohammed Alshekh Deeb


Mohammed volunteered at Jusoor’s educational centers in Lebanon during July and August as part of the summer volunteer program

Posted on August 12, 2015 in Summer Program 2015, Volunteers

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