Jusoor – Amal Foundation Scholarship


Since 2016, the Jusoor-Amal Foundation Scholarship has provided Syrian students in Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan with full scholarships at the bachelor and master levels to attend Jordanian universities, including full tuition and a living stipend. The award seeks to bring ‘amal,’ the Arabic word for hope, to refugees and their host communities by giving youth access to education and the opportunities needed to help them realize their potential. To date nine students pursuing their bachelor degrees at Al Zarqa and Albayt Universities have been awarded the scholarship.

Originally a partnership between Jusoor and the Amal Foundation, the Amal Foundation merged with Jusoor in 2019. The program continues to this day with the same goals and objectives–enabling Syrians from Za’atari Refugee Camp to receive a quality education at the university level in Jordan.

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At this time, there is no scheduled opening for this scholarship for 2020. Please follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to see all updates. New information is published to this page daily as it becomes available. All information below is provided as general guidance to prepare scholars for the 2021 application cycle.


In order to apply to the scholarship, all applicants must meet the following criteria. We cannot make exceptions:

  • Be a Syrian or Syrian-Palestinian national holding either a Syrian passport, Syrian national ID card, Palestinian travel papers or UNHCR ID
  • Must be currently registered or have registered for a Bachelor’s degree program at a Jordanian university in the past years
  • Must have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or better throughout previous academic years
  • Have a record of leadership and community engagement, as demonstrated through volunteer and/or work experience
  • Demonstrate willingness and intent to contribute to the redevelopment of Syria


For this application cycle, all fields of study are eligible for the scholarship and are welcome to apply.


This is a full scholarship for bachelor students who are already registered for a university in Jordan and are expecting to graduate soon. The scholarship covers all tuition, fees, and a living stipend for the duration of the program.


Before writing to us with questions, please carefully read the below FAQ:

  • How many awards will be given? 
  • For this selection cycle, just one award is available. We can’t provide timeline estimates for the next selection cycle.

  • Is there an age limit to be eligible?
  • No. Although our mission focuses on empowering Syrian youth, we have had several middle-aged scholars–all of whom have done exceptionally well in their programs. We welcome applicants of all ages.

  •  I’m married and/or have children. Am I eligible?
  • Yes, a few of our Jusoor-Amal Foundation scholars are married with families.

  •  If awarded the scholarship, can the funding support my husband and/or children?
  • Unfortunately not. The scholarship is intended to support only the scholar herself. Due to limited resources, Jusoor and Amal Foundation cannot provide any financial or relocation assistance for your family, including help with resettlement.

  • I earned my undergraduate degree in Syria and am having trouble obtaining my undergraduate degree documents as proof of attendance and/or graduation. Can Jusoor help?
  • Unfortunately not. Through experience in this matter, we have learned Jusoor cannot be of assistance. This issue must be resolved with your university and the Ministry of Education where applicable.

  • Can Jusoor offer to fund for any English exam or graduate school testing I might require?
  • We cannot offer to fund for English exams or graduate school testing costs to applicants.

  • I already hold one bachelor’s degree and am applying this degree to be my second bachelor’s degree. Am I eligible for the scholarship?  
  • No, all applicants must be applying to complete their first bachelor’s degree program and are already registered for a university in Jordan.

  •  What documents do I need to apply?
  • We encourage all applicants to prepare these documents as early as possible. Both black and white and color copies are accepted. All files must be PDFs:
  • Copy of passport or national ID
  • Most updated copy of your current undergraduate program transcripts (official if available)
  • CV
  • Academic letter of recommendation (from a professor)
  • Professional reference (from your current or previous work or volunteer experience)
  •  What requirements does my CV need to meet?
  • Your CV may be in any format you like but we ask you to keep it concise. There is no maximum page length.

  •  What requirements does my academic letter of recommendation need to meet? 
  • This letter should be written by a current or previous university professor, academic advisor, or other similar faculty members of yours. The letter should be dated and signed with the recommender’s e-mail address included. There is no limit to the letter’s length. You may only submit one academic letter of recommendation.

  •  What requirements does my professional reference need to meet? 
  • This reference should be written by a current or previous professional supervisor/manager of yours while you were employed in a paid or volunteer position. The letter should be dated and signed with the reference’s e-mail address included. There is no limit for the reference length. You may only submit one professional reference.

  •  What do you look for in the ideal applicant?
  • We look for a balance of the following: 1) strong GPA and record of academic achievement; 2) volunteer and/or work experience relevant to your field of study; 3) proven leadership ability as demonstrated through volunteer and/or work experience; 4) willingness and demonstrated intent to contribute to the redevelopment of Syria. Last but not least, we emphasize a clear and realistic plan for personal and career success post-graduation.

  •  What advice can you give for responding to the application essay questions?
  • We encourage you to fully address the question while being clear, concise and providing relevant examples. The questions are subjective with no “right” or “wrong” answer. In fairness to other applicants, we cannot offer specific advice on the essay questions.

  •  What is the interview process like? 
  • If selected as a finalist, you will be virtually interviewed by a panel of Jusoor team members to assess your suitability for the scholarship. We may ask you to elaborate on the information provided in your application, and will also ask you to respond to a series of questions based on real-life scenarios which scholars face during their academic programs. We are interested to see how you might respond to typical challenges faced by scholars and how you would contribute to furthering Jusoor’s mission while fulfilling your personal goals. Interviews generally last for 30 minutes to 1 hour and are conducted in Arabic.

  •  When will I be notified of my application status?
  • We try to be as transparent with our selection process as possible. Please refer to the above-projected selection timeline (subject to change). All applicants will be notified via e-mail of their status after each stage of the selection process.

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