Giving Challenge: 100 Syrian Women, 10,000 Syrian Lives

We have recently received a donation pledge of $16,000 and a promise from the donor to find four others to donate half the amount to this critical effort. If this campaign continues just 5 layers deep, we could raise a total of $500,000 towards the cause. Will you join us in kicking this off and making a significant difference in the future of Syria?

The Cause

Over half of Syria’s university population has terminated their studies as a result of the ongoing crisis in Syria. In particular, the rate of participation by women, once close to 50 percent, has reached the single digits. For example, in Turkey less than one percent of Syrian women refugees are enrolled in higher education.

Jusoor is a non-political Syrian NGO focused on educating Syrian children and youth. We have developed a highly effective scholarship program focused on educating the best and brightest Syrian women who have the potential to be great leaders for Syria across every sector of society. The program is entitled 100 Syrian Women, 10,000 Syrian Lives based on the evidence that the women they are educating are impacting the lives of hundreds of other Syrians over their lifetime. To date, we have enrolled 27 exceptional women in the program and are looking for funding to be able to achieve their goal of enrolling the remaining 73 participants.

Let’s work together to make this happen!

Will you contribute to this cause and also recruit 4 donors to provide a similar or smaller gift each

Here’s what this could look like if we just get 5 layers deep:

1 donor @ $16,000 = $16,000 → 4 donors at $8,000 = $32,000 → 16 donors at $4,000 = $64,000 → 64 donors at $2,000 = $128,000 → 256 donors at $1,000 = $256,000 → Total = $496,000

The Jusoor team will provide you with additional resources you need to reach out to other donors if you write to us at

Will you join us? Thank you for your support of Syria.


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