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Jusoor Program in Lebanon

Program Overview

Jusoor has been working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon since June 2013. Jusoor’s refugee education program in Lebanon seeks to ensure Syrian refugees in Lebanon have a holistic, well rounded primary school education through integration into formal schooling whenever possible, introducing contextual and relevant curricula and teaching methods to deliver informal education, and providing a strong psycho-social support within the framework of community engagement and rehabilitation.

Jusoor in Lebanon

Children enrolled in Jusoor’s schools in Lebanon
Syrians employed as teachers and administrators
Volunteers since 2013
Scholarship Recipients studying in six Lebanese universities

Our Current Centers


Our Centers

Jusoor currently runs three educational centers in Lebanon, our main center is located in Bekaa where there is a huge education gap for Syrian children, the center currently serves 750 Syrian children where basic education is provided by Syrian talented teachers, we also run a tent school in collaboration with Sawa for Aid and Development in one of the largest informal camps in Middle Bekaa, the tent school serves 300 Syrian children, and finally our Beirut center is providing education for over 200 children.

Our Program

Jusoor follows the Lebanese Arabic curriculum for math, science, physical education, art and Arabic, additionally we have peace education classes and a tailor made English program which follows the Total Physical Response technique of teaching language.

All students sit for placement tests in math and Arabic and the Jusoor team decides accordingly on the level of each child. There are 4 main levels (beginners, Level 1, level 2 and level 3) and upon completing each level, students move on to the next. Once they finish level 3, then we proceed to enroll them in public or private schools whenever possible, all students are tracked academically and followed up after entering formal schools.

We also have partnerships with different NGOs to provide psychosocial activities for the students as well as hygiene sessions and basic medical support when needed.

Beirut Center

  • Started in June 2013
  • More than 200 students

Jarahieh School

  • Started in March 2014 as a tent school in one of the largest informal camps in Jarahieh (Middle Bekaa)
  • School was reconstructed in Summer 2016
  • School currently accommodates 300 children

Jeb Jannine Center

  • Started in May 2014
  • One of the largest refugee schools in Lebanon in West Bekaa (Jeb Jannine)
  • Center serves more than 20 informal camps in West Bekaa and currently accommodates up to 500 children.


Facts on the region

  • One million Syrian children are registered as refugees in the region (Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq)
  • Lebanon hosts the largest number of registered refugees in the region.
  • 520,000 children are registered in Lebanon today – the largest number of Syrian refugee children in any neighbouring country.

Facts on Lebanon

  • Number of Syrian children at the school age: 400,000
  • For comparison: Lebanese children in public schools: 300,000
  • Number of Syrian children in school: 90,000
  • Number of Syrian children out of school: 310,000

For more information about the need for our work in Lebanon click here.

Jusoor Beliefs and Ethos

1. Reaching as many Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon as possible
2. Driving strong educational outcomes and quality of teaching.
3. Strengthening the psycho-social foundation of the Syrian Refugee children in our program
4. Enrolling students in formal education, whenever possible.
5. Reinforcing the importance of education among the parents of the children
6. Strengthening morale in refugee communities.
7. Engaging volunteers in the program

Learn about Jusoor’s educational model for teaching refugee children

Our Partners in Lebanon

  • Al- Makassed Philanthropic Association
  • Sawa for Aid and Development
  • Sada Al Bekaa Association
  • Right To Play
  • International Medical Committee
  • Alwane Psycho-social Support Team
  • Basmeh & Zaitouneh
  • Syria What Will Be (Pelikino English Program)

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Lebanese community that has generously hosted our activities and to our amazing volunteers who are the heart and soul of our centers and behind the success of our work.

A tour in Jusoor centers in Lebanon

Refugee Education Program


For more information about the refugee education program, our schools and partnerships, please contact:

Suha Tutunji

Academic Director

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