Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program aims to create a strong collaborative community for Syrian entrepreneurs to learn from successful businesses, peers and role models. We want to highlight the challenges for start-ups and help guide entrepreneurs through their business development with mentorships, bootcamp program and funding.

There are currently limited efforts and programs targeting Syrian entrepreneurs and when they do exist, these efforts tend to be small and scattered. With its Entrepreneurship Program, Jusoor aims to bring all available resources together, organise them and make them available and accessible to young aspiring entrepreneurs.

The main 3 verticals of the program

Previous Winners

Entrepreneurship Competition Winners 2016-2017

First Place

$10,000 granted to Mujeeb

Second Place

$7,000 granted to Artilla

Third Place

$5,000 granted to LiBeiroot

Entrepreneurship Competition Winners 2015-2016

Startup Track


$15,000 granted to Remmaz & BitCode


$5,000 granted to i-Can

Social Track


$15,000 granted to Share 


$5,000 granted to Tamkeen

People's Choice

$3,000 granted to Sanad Spaces

Special prize

granted to NobelChemist

Entrepreneurship Competition Winners 2014-2015

First Place

$30,000 granted to Afkar

Second Place

$20,000 granted to Sfkat

Third Place

$15,000 granted to Khatwa


Main Sponsors

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