Jusoor Lebanon Scholarship


Jusoor operated its Lebanon Scholarship from  2014 to 2017 to provide gap funding to Syrian and Syrian-Palestinian students pursuing undergraduate degrees in Lebanon. Jusoor modified its approach for this program every year to adapt to the changing scene of higher education funding in the country, filling the gap in aid to ensure promising students who aren’t eligible for other scholarships are able to graduate. This fund was made possible by Syrian and international donors, including the Asfari Foundation. Forty-nine students were awarded the scholarship.

Scholars studied across a variety of disciplines, including: Accounting, Computer Science, Interior Design, International Business, Biochemistry, Law, and Physical Therapy. Jusoor’s mentors have coached these scholars on CV writing, securing remote work, navigating interviews, and other career development topics.

Although this scholarship program is no longer active, students studying at both the bachelor and master levels in Lebanon may now apply to our Hardship Fund to be considered for gap funding.

For more information, please contact:

Christina Peebles

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