Jusoor Bridges Award

Jusoor’s Bridges Award is given to an individual who is working to transform and build a better world around them. They are a source of inspiration and compassion– an agent of change who demonstrates the utmost courage and respect towards all humanity. 

We at Jusoor believe that youth in Syria should have access to profoundly better opportunities. We believe in a new generation and a country that will one day embrace democracy, respect human rights and the rule of law, and encourage free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

Much of the outstanding work of international development and philanthropic support goes unrecognised. At Jusoor, we want to provide a platform to the innovative projects and passionate people driving positive change. 

Entries are now open for the 2019 award. Submissions close September 1 and the award will be announced at Jusoor’s 2019 Gala Dinner on 4 October in London.

Entry Criteria

Submit a nomination for the Jusoor Bridges award here

Any individual may enter themselves. We also welcome your nominations for any individual you think is deserving of recognition of this prestigious award. This can be an individual heading an organisation.

The award will go to an individual that is recognised by peers and colleagues as having made a tangible impact on the lives of the Syrian people in Syria or in the diaspora and has demonstrated excellence in their work and contribution to such values as: 

  • Stood against hate and isolationism.
  • Created spaces for mutual understanding and respect between the Syrian people and other communities.
  • Used their leadership position to provide opportunities and to advocate for the most vulnerable amongst the Syrian population, including, refugees, youth, women, minorities, elderly, unemployed, and the disabled.
  • Supported collaboration and capacity-building between the Syrian people and non-Syrian communities locally, regionally, or internationally.

  • Made significant contributions to promoting the human rights of the Syrian people around the world.

The Selection Process

The Judges

An independent panel of industry judges determines the winner.

General Guidlines 

The judges are looking for concise written submissions and your entry should cover as many of the listed criteria as possible.

When nominating for someone else, please provide as much information as possible. Contact details for the nominee are mandatory.

Past recipients

2017 - Jim Estill

Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Appliances, is a technology entrepreneur, executive, and philanthropist. Jim started a computer distribution business from the trunk of his car while in university. That modest business grew into a company doing $350,000,000 in sales before selling to SYNNEX in 2004.

Jim has invested in, mentored and advised many technology companies including Blackberry. He joined Blackberry’s board before they went public and served there for 13 years.

In 2016 Jim Estill made the headlines for his philanthropic work sponsoring 58 Syrian refugee families in Guelph, Ontario. The Financial Times, BBCNews, The Guardian, and Toronto Life have all covered his story, including this viral video featuring his work. This June Jim received the Order of Ontario, the province’s highest honour.

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