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Summer Program 2015: The experience of my life

Nour Barazi Volunteering with jusoor is by far the ‘once in a lifetime’ life-changing event I’ve ever experienced. My task with the children was basically to do my best to teach them and help them overcome some academic and social difficulties in a creative way, full of fun and joyful activities. Although I’m here to…

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Summer Program 2015: A Smile Can Go a Long Way

Lara Baillargeon I was amazed by how fast I bonded with the kids in my class. At first they tested me, hard, but patience and warmth are all that was needed to persuade them to open up to me. From day one to day two they went from tricksters testing the waters to playful kids…

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Summer Program 2015: An Inner Blast

Mohammed Alskekh Deeb The last two days were a blessing for me, many super hyperactive students who were thirsty for any fun activity. Both sections – the morning section and the afternoon section – showed enthusiasm to participate in the activities and use the materials prepared. For a teacher, it is important to identify and…

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Summer Program 2015: Day One

Day One, July Tory Brykalski The first day of Jusoor’s summer program in the Bekaa Valley began, as many things do here in Lebanon, with a bit of an adventure. Because of Beirut’s ‘garbage crisis’ the bus carrying the volunteers from Beirut to the Bekaa was late, which caused the volunteers to arrive two hours…

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