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HIGHER EDUCATION RESPONSE TO SYRIAN CRISIS LAUNCH OF 100 SYRIAN WOMEN, 10,000 SYRIAN LIVES SCHOLARSHIP INITIATIVE San Francisco, CA, November 1, 2015 — Empowering women at this point of the conflict in Syria is one of the most important challenges today. These women will grow to become leaders and to contribute stabilizing the region. With…

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Jusoor’s scholarship recipients

Dear Jusoor Friends and Family, We would like to share with you some stories to highlight some of what our alumni have been doing to help Syria. The goal of the academic scholarships we provide is ultimately to support a stable and prosperous Syria rather than solely to help individual students. So we look for…

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Scholarships for Syrian students and refugees

Hello everyone. Many requests we’ve been receiving are related to education and scholarships, especially for those who have been displaced. In the past few months, a lot of light has been shed on the refugee situation and many countries and leaders have paid attention to the importance of integrating youth into society through education. A…

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