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Jusoor Summer Program 2017: A child is a child

Lana Abi Rached, Lebanon – France Going every day to Bekaa from Beirut is tiring. You wake up at 6, wait for the bus, take this bus all the way to Bekaa for 2 hours, teach in Arabic for 4 hours and then go back all the way to Beirut. Sounds horrible doesn’t it? But…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2017: Beginning to the End

Celine Ammash, Lebanon With every new experience (whether that’s going to a new school, starting a new job, or meeting your roommate for the first time) comes some excitement, curiosity and a little bit of anxiety. You have expectations, but try to keep them low so that you disappoint yourself. You hope to like the…

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Jusoor’s Summer Volunteer Program 2017

By Tatjana Isabella Sopart Jusoor’s “summer camp” is going in a fourth round on July 17th this year with volunteers from all over the world getting together to launch activities with Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. The summer program aims to provide a distraction for the children from their dire living situation, but most importantly…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2017: Building Future Engineers

Azim Momin, USA Young children who gain early exposure to STEM educational activities develop skills like communication, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and data analysis that influence their future choice of careers. Today I helped facilitate an engineering construction challenge in my classroom with simple everyday items such as wooden clothespins, binder clips, and colored…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2017: Smiley Hello!

Maria Jose Pachon, Colombia Since the past few days I go out of the bus at 9 am to meet 31 students that run into the small school of Jarrahieye with excitement. Since I do not speak Arabic, it has been a little bit difficult to interact with the kids but we have used smiles…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2017: The Word of the Day

Bibo Tabbara, Lebanon Working with Jusoor has definitely been an eye opening experience. It greatly emphasized the importance of education. Not only was I teaching the kids, they also taught me that even the smallest things that we often take for granted can put a smile on their face. I came into Jusoor not knowing…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2017: Happiness in Sports

Francisca Nunes, Portugal I spent four weeks in Beirut working with the Jusoor organisation. It is really difficult to describe these four weeks in word. It was, without a doubt, a life changing experience and a lesson for life that I will never forget. During these weeks I got to know so many people, so…

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Join us for Jusoor’s Fifth Annual Conference and Gala in Toronto

Dear Friends, Jusoor would like to cordially invite you to our fifth annual global conference, #RefugeesWelcome: Canada’s Response to the Syrian Crisis and the Road Ahead, which will be held in Toronto on October 14th. Since November 2015, Canada has resettled 40,000 Syrian refugees. Jusoor’s fifth annual conference honors these efforts and puts a spotlight on the challenges that…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2017: Good Morning, Teacher!

Rachel Drake, USA In the midst of what is happening in a world that at times seems overwhelmingly discouraging, it is increasingly imperative to take a look at the progress of what is working against the backdrop of what is not. Though those working with Jusoor Syria are seeing some of the very raw and…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2017: Reflections from a Refugee Camp

Ashley Karlsson The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotion and energy. I arrived in Lebanon earlier this month as a volunteer with Jusoor’s Summer Education Program. Jusoor Syria is a non-profit dedicated to empowering Syrian youth through education and entrepreneurship. While the ongoing conflict in Syria has displaced millions of Syrians to…

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