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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: It’s the Simple Things

Claire Ziller, American Every day spent at Jeb Jannine is a day spent laughing, exchanging languages and expressing love in every way humanly possible. As a teacher that can’t speak Arabic fluently, I’ve been learning the most genuine forms of human interaction from these kids. My class is around nine years old and they are…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: First Day Feeling

Caitlyn Cournale, American First day of summer camp! This is always a crazy day, so many new faces and feelings, the air was bustling with excitement and curiosity. I am working with six year olds and I could see it in their eyes from the moment they came in how happy they are to be…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: It Takes a Village

Bassil El-Zaatari, Lebanese-American As we drove up the usual curvy, hilly roads towards Jib Jannin, I knew today would be different. For today would be the day we sat down with our teachers and talked to them about lesson planning. We started off with Val giving us a demonstration of a sound activity we could…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: The Bridge

Avo Markarian, Syrian-Armenian Thursday the 19th was a special one. For the first half of the day, Conor McGuire, an intern at Jusoor, had some of the volunteers prepare different activities in three languages. Hovsep, my brother/program coordinator, and I kicked it off with an activity in Armenian making no gestures whatsoever, which made sense…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Do No Harm

Anushe Sheikh, United States-Pakistan Today was monumental for me. Alexandra Chen, a remarkable woman and a child psychotherapist, specialized in victims of sexual assault and trauma, gave us profound advice that I wish I had received a long time ago. The very first wisdom she passed onto us was to leave our expectations at the…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Child’s Right To Play

Adian Murphy, The United Kingdom During our second day of volunteering with Jusoor, we go straight into learning and exploring some classroom activities with Ziad Kanaan from Right to Play. This organisation focuses on gender inequality, building peaceful communities and life skills. Ziad stresses how significant it is for games to be used as exploratory…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Here we go!

Julia Imbriaco, United States Marhaba, Jusoor family! My name is Julia, and I am a new Jusoor volunteer and a Master’s Degree student at Columbia University studying education and humanitarian policy. I am happy to share some reflections from the beginning of Jusoor’s fifth annual summer program: a three-week day camp for over 400 children,…

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Latest News from Jusoor

Dear Jusoor Friends and Family, As we share with you our latest news below, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you (fans, volunteers, donors, and beneficiaries) for your support and commitment to our cause, and to wish you a happy new year. Jusoor Lebanon programs grow to reach 1,906 children…

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Jusoor Wins TAKREEM Award

(November 28, 2017, New York) TAKREEM was founded to celebrate such Arab men and women who are each making history in their own way. Following Beirut, Doha, Manama, Paris, Marrakesh and Cairo, the 2017 TAKREEM Award Ceremony was held in Amman-Jordan on November 25, 2017 in presence of HM Queen Noor Al Hussein as well as members…

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Jusoor Gives

or setup your own fundraising campaign through Facebook Dear Jusoor Friends and Family, This #GivingTuesday, we hope you will join us in helping Syria’s children and youth fulfill their potential through education. Good news: We’re growing! We are seeking funds to sustain and expand our Jusoor programs in Lebanon and our scholarship offerings for higher…

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