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Press Release: Can an art auction change lives? Jusoor believes so

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 01/11/18   Can Art Save Lives? Jusoor’s Online Auction Launches Today to Support Syrian Refugees in Lebanon   The auction brings together modern and contemporary art pieces by renowned Syrian artists, in support of Jusoor’s educational programs in the Jurahiyeh refugee Camp.   The No Lost Generation online auction is launching…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Beyond Words

Jessie Turner, United Kingdom 30 nights later – after more than 60 coach journeys, 15 days in class, a dozen trips to the dollar store, nightly class planning*, 4 group day trips, never-ending discussion, dancing and debate, singing, eating and laughing… successful haggling attempts, unsuccessful haggling attempts and at least a thousand sales of shwarma-…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Untitled

Kiersten Blake, United States What does Jusoor mean to you? As I got off the bus, far away from Los Angeles and New York, my two homes, to stand face-to-face with Jusoor’s Jarrahiyeh school, I would like to remember that I was unafraid and sure of my decision…but, in all reality, I was nervous. I…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Sabah al-Kheir

Thulasi Seshan, United States At 8:55 sharp, Miss Sara would ring the bell calling the students to line up in the courtyard of the Jarrahiyeh school. She and the other administrators and teachers would do the difficult work of wrangling the students into some sort of order, then sending them off into their respective classrooms.…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Glass Stones

Jeromie Whalen, American I woke up at 6:15 AM, took a quick shower, and headed off for school. As a high school teacher in Northampton, Massachusetts, it’s a familiar routine. For this early morning in July, however, it marked the start of another day I had the privilege of experiencing at the Jusoor Educational Center…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Drawing Their Dreams

Maya Yammine, Lebanon Today was pretty chaotic… We got a lot done in science, and the majority of those activities were very successful. I started off with the making of some slime, since the students were so fascinated with it, when they said another volunteer did the same. They really enjoyed playing with it, considering…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Classroom No. 4

Tacarra Lake, American My fear was palpable. Six year olds. In Classroom No. 4, there were rows and rows of tiny humans that hardly resembled the high school students I was so accustomed to working with in the United States. It took the first week of classes to fully grasp how to begin to create…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Amazing Day at Jurahiye!

Jesse Polenberg, Unites States Today was a good start to the last week we are here teaching. I was a bit concerned about handling my class on the first day of the week, as my co-teacher was ill. But to my surprise, fewer students were present than usual, and I received help teaching from other…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: Precious Times

Jana Sayegh, Lebanon This week I decided that my class would need to learn through their independent, step-by-step work. Usually I’d plan for an activity that requires a teacher’s guidance throughout, but on Monday they only needed me to supply a fixed set of rules and the rest was on them to make of in…

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Jusoor Summer Program 2018: A World of Difference

George Abdallah, Lebanese-American For the past few days, I’ve been noticing one student in particular. At the start of each day, her head is tucked down low. She sits at the same desk, in the far back of the classroom, to avoid having to make eye contact with me or her fellow students. No matter…

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