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Jusoor Summer Volunteers Program

Summer Volunteer Program 2019: it felt like I was saying goodbye to a family

Day 18: Friday, August 9, 2019 Zeenah Sabbidine, Lebanon-United States The final day of Jusoor came to a close with a talent show prepared by one of the volunteers. The kids came running into my classroom like bursts of energy. There was one with his skates, the other with a soccer ball excited and ready…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: There’s now time and experience for reflection

Day 17: Thursday, August 8, 2019 Vivian Zhang, United States As we finish off our penultimate day at Jeb Jannine, I find myself feeling prematurely nostalgic for the days in classroom 10.  The last two weeks have been survival mode, an ongoing churn of planning lessons, buying supplies, making sample projects, and preparing demonstrations. In…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: Academic skills, life skills, ethical skills and language skills

Day 16: Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Shadia Suleiman, Lebanon Today, the students in classroom number 1 got to know the importance of the presence of fruits, vegetables and nuts in their daily meals in a way to maintain a good health as they are rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals. In a way to build…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: Their enthusiasm is also incredibly infectious

Day 15: Tuesday, August 6, 2019 Saksha Menezes, United Kingdom One thing we often comment on, as volunteers, is how easy it is to forget that there is a refugee camp beyond the gates of Jurrahiya school or the things these children have gone through. I have been teaching a group of 8-year-olds and they…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: The little things that we do plant seeds of hope and happiness both in the children and in us

Day 14: Monday, 5 August, 2019 Nareh Kusbekian, Lebanon The children started their day with a daily stretching routine and sports period following a routine of mine where we all talk about the weather, the season we’re in and the day of the week. Being a volunteer for grade 1 students of ages 5-6, I…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: The kids have an unbounded imagination that continues to light up different parts of this world that I fail to see

Day 13: Friday, 2 August, 2019 Mateo Encarnacion, United States Dazing off, tired and confused as usual, I get trapped swimming in my thoughts, questioning whether or not my lessons really did anything for the children. Not going to lie, my lessons are very much flawed: sometimes my meek attitude lacks the authority needed to…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: They’re kids just like any kids you know

Day 12: Thursday, 1 August, 2019 Maggie Dougherty, United States Most days in my class at Jarahieh start out the same way, with my kids spilling into our classroom after their sports period, a collective mass of movement and eagerness. After the students take their seats, we start the day with some routine warm-up questions…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: They are the future minds that will represent and rebuild Syria

Day 11: Wednesday, 31 July, 2019 Kyle Costa, United States We are officially half way through, which is so hard to imagine! It seemed like just  yesterday I was coasting over the waters of the Mediterranean and landing at al-Hariri. This is the second time I have been to Lebanon. Last summer, I studied Arabic…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: A Flower that Grows Through Stone

Day 10: Tuesday, 30 July, 2019 Kennedy Frazier, United States Classroom 4 is a crazy, joyous place. Everyday the kids wow me by the extent of their creativity, brilliance, and silliness. One day for art, we created our own kingdoms. The names of their palaces ranged from The Kingdom of Light to Butterfly Kingdom to…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: Capture Their Minds

Day 10: Monday, 29 July 2019 Jae Yun Jeong, South Korea It is the Monday after having completed the first week at Jurahiye, the start of the second. Surely there was a greater confidence to rely on after getting to know the teachers, kids, and ways to control the class. One week was enough to…

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