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young syrians

Hundreds of young Syrians push for a brighter future for the next generation at UK conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 05/10/2019 Young Syrian diaspora from across the UK took part in Jusoor’s 6th Annual Global Conference in London on 5 October to find innovative solutions to the challenges facing Syria’s next generation. Jusoor’s 6th Annual Global conference “Syrian Youth Innovation Laboratory – Building Bridges to the Future” brought together 100 Syrian…

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Jusoor bridges award

UK organisation awarded for transforming Syrian lives

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 04/10/2019 The Hands up Foundation, which runs creative fundraising initiatives across the UK to raise money for Syrians whose lives have been torn apart by war, were awarded Jusoor’s Bridges Award on 4 October at Jusoor’s 6th Annual Gala Dinner.  Jusoor’s annual Bridges Award is given to an individual or organisation who…

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AI-Startup LeftSaver and Tedallal Have Just Championed the Startup Roadshow in Erbil

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 23/09/2019  Erbil, September 23rd. Erbil-based startups Tedallal and LeftSaver have just won the Startup Roadshow semi-finals in Erbil, held at Re:Coded House on September 19th.     Tedallal is a platform that connects two people in the same neighborhood to pool grocery shopping, tapping into the sharing economy for allow users to…

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The Startup Roadshow Kicked Off: Meet the 20 Startups Competing in Beirut

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 12/09/2019 The competition for Syrian-led startups in has just started at Beirut Digital District, kicking off a 5-day bootcamp where the two top startups in the country will reach the semi-finals. The roadshow will then continue on to Amman, Erbil, Istanbul and Gaziantep, to conclude in Amsterdam, where the three regional…

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5 Awe-Inspiring Ideas that Came Out of the Startup Roadshow 2018

How can we help Syrian youth who need to talk about their problems? Or how can we create a travel experience for Arab millennials to identify with? These are just some of the questions the entrepreneurs in the Startup Roadshow 2018 asked themselves. These questions ignited their entrepreneurial spark; they kept them focused on their…

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3 Stories Behind the Champions of the Startup Roadshow 2018

Last fall, we took on a tour across the Middle East in search for the most passionate, promising, and creative Syrian startups in the Middle East. Embarking on the first Startup Roadshow, organized with SPARK and in collaboration with Startups Without Borders, we took on a thrilling journey through the cities that host the largest…

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The Startup Roadshow Kicks Off Again

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 11/08/2019 The Startup Roadshow Kicks Off Again with $15,000 in Prizes for Syrian-Led Startups The competition for Syrian entrepreneurs in the Middle East is taking off on September 7th, with a series of bootcamps in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. Up for grabs is the chance to win $15,000 in…

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Jusoor Summer Volunteers Program

Summer Volunteer Program 2019: it felt like I was saying goodbye to a family

Day 18: Friday, August 9, 2019 Zeenah Sabbidine, Lebanon-United States The final day of Jusoor came to a close with a talent show prepared by one of the volunteers. The kids came running into my classroom like bursts of energy. There was one with his skates, the other with a soccer ball excited and ready…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: There’s now time and experience for reflection

Day 17: Thursday, August 8, 2019 Vivian Zhang, United States As we finish off our penultimate day at Jeb Jannine, I find myself feeling prematurely nostalgic for the days in classroom 10.  The last two weeks have been survival mode, an ongoing churn of planning lessons, buying supplies, making sample projects, and preparing demonstrations. In…

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Summer Volunteer Program 2019: Academic skills, life skills, ethical skills and language skills

Day 16: Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Shadia Suleiman, Lebanon Today, the students in classroom number 1 got to know the importance of the presence of fruits, vegetables and nuts in their daily meals in a way to maintain a good health as they are rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals. In a way to build…

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