Jusoor – Amal Foundation Scholarship


Since 2016, the Jusoor-Amal Foundation Scholarship has provided Syrian students in Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan with full scholarships at the bachelor and master levels to attend Jordanian universities, including full tuition and a living stipend. The award seeks to bring ‘amal,’ the Arabic word for hope, to refugees and their host communities by giving youth access to education and the opportunities needed to help them realize their potential. To date nine students pursuing their bachelor degrees at Al Zarqa and Albayt Universities have been awarded the scholarship.

Originally a partnership between Jusoor and the Amal Foundation, the Amal Foundation merged with Jusoor in 2019. The program continues to this day with the same goals and objectives–enabling Syrians from Za’atari Refugee Camp to receive a quality education at the university level in Jordan.

This page will be updated with all funding and eligibility details when the scholarship reopens for applications in 2020. Unfortunately, we cannot give estimates on when scholarship applications will open. To receive all updates on scholarship application openings please subscribe to our newsletter.


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Salam Mohammed

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