jusoor roadshow
jusoor roadshow

Startup Weekend

We know… the hardest part about starting a business is getting the right team onboard. This is why we’ve partnered with Techstars to launch a series of Startup Weekend events in the 5 cities where the Startup Roadshow is taking place: Beirut, Amman, Erbil, Gaziantep, and Istanbul.

Participating in a Startup Weekend event will give you the perfect kick-start to join the roadshow at full speed: in just 54 hours, you will transform your idea into a real business, connect with people from the industry and get feedback, and gather a team!

So what happens during a Startup Weekend event ?


Meet, Pitch & Team Up

You will meet the community of people you will be working with, pitch your project, and gather a team.


Learn & Work

You will get the support from local mentors to work on the business: from finding customers to building your product.


Present & Choose

You will have 5 minutes to present the product or service you built to the crowd and a panel of experts. Now that you’ve got a refined pitch and a team, it’s time to apply to the Roadshow!

*Startup Weekend is a great opportunity to prepare for the Startup Roadshow. However, it is not a required condition.
If you haven’t participated in Startup Weekend, you can still join the roadshow!