jusoor roadshow
jusoor roadshow


  1. What are the selection criteria?
    • Startup teams must have at least one Syrian entrepreneur (ownership agreement might be requested).
    • Attendees must obtain legal residency in the countries where they are joining the bootcamp training. (Residency must be issued on a date prior to the training).
    • All teams must be well completed; no solo entrepreneurs will be admitted.
    • The project has to be innovative in its field and present a novel solution to an existing problem.
    • The project has to be scalable and the team should be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of their revenue and profit model.
    • Applications can be in any industry with a focus on social and economic development impact, providing a solution to a problem.
  2. What is the training program content?
    Entrepreneurship 101 & Business Modeling:

    Learning and exploring the entrepreneurship and the startup world, as well as helping the team turn their ideas into businesses.

    Customer Development and Validation:

    Learning how to make the most of the customers and getting to the bottom of what they need from the startup stage.

    Marketing sizing:

    Exploring and identifying your market share and the competition segments that can help you understand your product’s unique value.

    Financial planning: Cost, Revenues & Growth:

    Understanding a startup’s financial model, and building future projections, revenue expectations, and expenses.

    Pitch Deck & Pitching:

    Best practice tips on how to ensure the presentation and pitching skills communicate effectively and clearly, and that they connect with your customers.

  3. Will the program cover transportation expenses?

    During the bootcamp week, the Startup Roadshow will be supporting teams living in different cities within the same country, covering transportation costs. However, no accommodation can be offered.

  4. Can I participate without joining the training bootcamp?

    No. Every startup joining the program must attend the whole training program. Missing 2 days of training could disqualify your team for Demo Day.