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Jusoor’s volunteers are one of the pillars on which the organization stands. We would not have been able to support so many Syrians to continue their education without the help of volunteers. Many of these are professionals around the world who dedicate a lot of energy and time to our programs. So far, over 100 people volunteered to provide administrative support and participate in our academic mentorship program, and over 200 Syrians, Arabs, Europeans, and Americans have traveled to Lebanon to work with the children we serve in our 3 educational centers there.
We hope you will join our family too.

Current opportunities

• Conference Committee volunteers (5th Annual Conference in Toronto)

• Volunteer as a mentor in our Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program

• Volunteer as a mentor in our Academic Mentorship Program

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Conference Committee volunteers (5th Annual Conference in Toronto)

Are you interested in serving on a conference’s organizing committee?

Conference committee members work closely with Jusoor’s Leadership Team in deciding on the conference theme, creating the program, marketing the evening, working one-on-one with guests, sponsors, and speakers, and making everything happen on the ground.

Conference Committee members contribute mostly by email and online calls. If interested in participating, please fill this form by March 5, 2017. The conference will take place in October 2017.

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We are recruiting for members of three sub-committees:

  1. Content development and marketing
  2. Logistics and PR

Below is an overview of the roles of committee members.

Content development and marketing sub-committee (3-4 members)

  • Setting conference goals with conference director
  • Identifying and inviting speakers, and/or designing a call for presenters, reviewing submissions, and finalizing speakers
  • Collecting speaker biographies and pictures for program and introductions
  • Putting the program together (including finalizing the objectives of the conference, writing panel descriptions, designing the workshops…)
  • Collecting papers, Power-Point presentations, technical requirements…
  • Communicating with presenters before conference
  • Sending thank you notes and evaluation forms to speakers after conference
  • Participating in the evaluation of the conference

Marketing tasks

  • Developing the content of participant packages (paper + giveaways)
  • Developing the content of speaker packages, to be sent prior to the conference with contact information, overview of conference goals, audience demographics, and logistic information
  • Contributing to the development of the conference’s program, including registration categories (early bird, student… ), transportation and accommodation, meals and dietary requirements, social program…
  • Deciding on what printed materials and signage will be circulated during the conference and agreeing on how they will be communicated
  • Developing the content of the invitation to the conference and the online registration page, and of select communications through facebook, website, newsletter, email…
  • Developing an evaluation form to be distributed to participants
  • Developing press-releases (before + after conference)

Logistics and PR sub-committee (3-4 members)

  • Meeting with representatives of venue, identifying appropriate rooms and requirements, identifying key contacts
  • Organizing food (breaks, lunches), getting menu options, signing contract with caterer, accommodating dietary restrictions…
  • Setting up registration process
  • Managing needed equipment, including tables (e.g. registration)
  • Managing audio-visual requirements: Working with venue to make sure we have a contact person for troubleshooting, and hiring a person if needed, having one person from the logistics sub-committee be a reference point for this…
  • Getting supplies (flipcharts, markers…)
  • Managing seating requirements
  • Managing banners for panels, rooms…
  • Putting together participant materials
  • Creating badges for attendees and speakers
  • Creating participant packages (after getting template from marketing sub-committee), including getting all supplies, notepads, pens, paper…)
  • Participating in the evaluation of the conference
  • Managing IT needs during the conference

PR tasks

  • Contacting various media (including radio and TV)
  • Writing about different parts of the conference to highlight in different media
  • Responding to media inquiries
  • Researching who to invite and sending out invitations to attend conference, following-up
  • Answering questions about the conference by attendees and/or potential attendees
  • Following up with registrants to send program, send logistical information, thank them for registering…
  • Managing the registration process, including on-site
  • Assisting during sessions as needed, including in answering questions and helping attendees
  • Arranging for speaker/presenter support
  • Getting additional volunteers to help with assisting during conference as needed
  • Getting sponsorship for the event
  • Preparing a sponsor communication outlining the benefits of sponsorship, researching potential sponsors, and facilitating contact with them to sponsor the event
  • Participating in the evaluation of the conference

Fundraising dinner sub-committee (2-3 members)

  • Designing the fundraising dinner program
  • Managing implementation of various events on the program (including potentially an art auction, concert, exhibit… ). This includes contracts, technical requirements…
  • Getting sponsorship for event
  • Preparing a sponsor communication outlining the benefits of sponsorship
  • Researching potential sponsors, and getting sponsors and key attendees to buy tables at the dinner
  • Signing contracts with sponsors
  • Participating in the evaluation of the conference

Volunteer as a mentor in our Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program

Successful business owners and executives across the globe are invited to participate in Jusoor’s Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program. The mentees are young Syrian professionals based in Syria and the region seeking advice and guidance on building and developing their business and social ventures. They participated in and passed an entrepreneurship bootcamp run by Jusoor, and were selected by it to receive ongoing mentorship for their startups. Apply to become a mentor here.

Volunteer as a mentor in our Academic Mentorship Program

Mentees and Mentors are matched based on the country or region that the student is interested in applying to, the field of study the student is pursuing, or a specific university the student is looking to enroll in. They collaborate over the course of 6 – 8 weeks through Skype, Google Hangouts, Social Media, email, or any form of contact the pair agrees on. If you are interested in contributing to our Mentorship Program you can find more information about it and apply here.

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