Jusoor Hardship Fund


The Jusoor Hardship fund aims at retaining students in higher education in order to invest in the future of Syria and the region. This program is open to Syrian university students at the undergraduate and Master’s levels, who are enrolled at academic institutions outside Syria and are at risk of dropping out due to financial need.

The program provides financial assistance of up to $5,000 for one time, which the student can use towards university tuition and fees. The funds are awarded as a loan without interest, with an individual repayment plan being developed for each student, and where the returned funds will support new students in the future.

Eligible criteria

  • Being Syrian or having a Syrian Travel Document
  • Being currently enrolled at university outside Syria, in an undergraduate or Master’s program
  • Having already started their program
  • Being within two years of completing their program
  • Willingness to be featured in a crowdfunding campaign


Selection Criteria:

  1. Academic achievement
  2. Personal achievement
  3. Financial need
  4. Interest in and commitment towards rebuilding Syria

Interested students should apply by July 1, 2017 by:

  1. Filling out this application form

Please send any questions to

Previous Jusoor Hardship Fund grants

We have recognized the need to extend help to students who are already enrolled at university and facing financial difficulties. In 2012, we partnered with the Institute of International Education and the Syrian expatriate community to award 46 grants to help Syrian students at US universities. In 2016, we helped 52 students through a similar effort.

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