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Jusoor is delighted to invite you to attend our Generation Hope Conference:

Improving Delivery of Emergency Education to Syrian Refugee Children in the Middle East through Teacher Training


JANUARY 10, 2016 | 9 AM – 5 PM




With the Syrian conflict stretching for yet another year, the war has displaced millions of Syrians with the majority of them settling in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Jusoor’s emergency education conference will concentrate on the improvement of the delivery of emergency education to Syrian refugee children in the Middle East through teacher training. It will provide space for educators working in the area of emergency education to share experiences and expertise, and to learn about the most recent developments in the that field.

The conference will focus on the following topics:

The Place Of Teacher-Training In Emergency Education

Research shows that teachers are the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. This highlights the need to focus on training and supporting them to be successful educators. Emergency and crisis situations place higher demands on the school as a component in the social fabric, where it needs to support each child to reach their maximum academic potential despite interrupted education, loss, and trauma. It also carries part of the weight to remedy the negative impact of displacement, violence, and/or lack of access to children rights.

As the teacher in these circumstances is faced with increasing responsibilities, from dealing with gaps in education and varying levels in the single classroom, to addressing the needs of children who have experienced emotional and psychological distress, this conference explores the need for teacher-empowerment and training in emergency education contexts.

Minimum Educational Standards For Emergency Education

The conference will focus on three themes under this topic: a) The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) Minimum Standards for Education, b) best practices for school principals in emergency education, and c) cognitive science-informed teaching practices, especially in the areas of math and basic Arabic literacy.

Engaging experts in the areas above, the conference will focus on sharing and discussing the best practices that are available to us today at a global level, and will bring the discussion back to the reality in Lebanon’s non-formal schools through a panel of school-principals.

Supplementary Educational Components For A Wholesome Educational Intervention

Educational responses in times of emergency include basic skills in the areas of literacy and math, but often extend to other educational components, like focusing on health, diet, hygiene, psychological counseling, arts and sports, and technology. The conference will showcase best practices across these areas and more, with space for discussion and reflection.

Sharing Experiences And Best Practices

There are many NGOs that work towards the education and improvement of the lives of Syrian refugee children. However, the space is still limited for communication and sharing experiences about educational standards, the teaching process, teacher training, and educational outcomes. This conference provides an opportunity for teachers and school principals in Lebanon and Syria’s other neighboring countries to engage around these topics. Targeted at the non-formal education sector, it also engages NGO leaders in aligning visions around the discussed themes.


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Helen Abadzi

Rakan Alghaiber

Laila Atshan

Farah Bayoumi

Kam Kalima

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Mohamed Haj Ali



Lebanon hosts over one million Syrian refugees with approximately 40% under the age of 11 and ranks first in the world in terms of the ratio of national citizens to refugees. Syrian children in Lebanon have been generally granted the opportunity to enroll in formal education. However, limitations in the capacity of the formal education system and the English language barrier leave many out of school. The country has responded massively to the emerging education needs of the incoming refugees, including through many NGOs that provide non-formal education programs. It is therefore a great location for a conference on education in emergencies in the region.


The conference will be held at Beirut Digital District (BDD), a community-focused hub for creative companies and talents.
Beirut Digital District (BDD)
1079 Nassif El Yaziji Street, Bechara El Koury Avenue
Bashoura District, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone: +961-1-660941



Conveniently located next to the conference venue, this hotel offers single rooms at USD 140 per night and double rooms at USD 150 per night. To receive this special rate, please reserve by calling +961-1-338777 ext.7202 or writing to, and referencing “BDD – Jusoor Syria.”

MidTown Hotel
A limited number of single and double rooms are available at this hotel in Al-Hamra area. The regular room rate per night is USD 69 for single rooms and USD 79 for double rooms. Conference participants can benefit from a special rate by writing to and mentioning “Jusoor Conference.”



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