Jusoor – Amal Foundation Scholarship


The Jusoor -Amal Foundation Scholarship provides Syrian students in Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan with full scholarships to attend Jordanian universities. The scholarship covers tuition until degree completion, and selected students may pursue the degree level and field of study of their choice.

About The Amal Foundation

The Amal Foundation seeks to bring ‘Amal,’ the Arabic word for hope, to refugees and their host communities by giving youth access to education and the opportunities needed to help them realize their potential. Its signature project, the Amal Scholarship Fund, affords refugees in Jordan access to higher education, with the vision that each US university campus community will fund one student. To learn more, please visit the foundation’s website.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student is a Syrian citizen.
  • Student currently lives in the Za’atari refugee camp in Northern Jordan.
  • Student has a proven track record of community service and is committed to bettering his/her community and the future of Syria.


Application Process

Jusoor and the Amal Foundation plan support two students for the 2016-2017 academic year based on availability of funds. Selections will take place through The Amal Foundation.

To apply, please submit this form by 13 July 2016.

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