100 Syrian Women, 10,000 Syrian Lives Scholarship Program

The application deadline for 2017 has passed. Thank you for your interest. Updates on the 2018-2019 call for applications will be posted here in early 2018 and to our Facebook page.

This scholarship is open to Syrian women who have demonstrated exemplary social service with leadership, academic excellence, and civic responsibility, who have characteristics reflecting the importance of empathy, humility, courage and resilience, and who have potential to serve as global leaders.

It is lead by Jusoor and administered as part of the IIE-led Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis. Key partners are Jusoor, the Institute for International Education (IIE), Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), EducationUSA, and Monmouth College.

To download the 100 Syrian Women brochure click here.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be a Syrian woman or Palestinian woman with Syrian travel documents
  • Seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree at a U.S. or Canadian institution. Both applicants who already have admissions offers and applicants who are planning to apply/currently applying to institutions will be considered. Transfer students will be considered if they are studying in Syria or a neighboring country. Finalists will receive placement assistance if needed.
  • All fields of study are eligible except medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry. Law is eligible only at the graduate level.
  • Strong academic background demonstrated by transcripts
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Provide at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher or professor
  • Have a sufficient level of English to pursue the chosen academic degree
  • The final scholarship award is conditional upon admission into a higher education institute and getting a visa as needed.
  • Willingness to participate in leadership and career development workshops during studies

Value Of The Scholarship

The maximum value of the scholarship is $50,000, which is awarded based on financial need and can be used for tuition and fees, living expenses, university application fees, required tests, and airfare. Finalists will be asked to fill in a financial assessment form, which will evaluate candidates’ ability to contribute to their studies. The scholarship will cover the remaining expenses up to the maximum value.

Selection criteria

  1. Academic achievement

  2. Personal achievement

  3. Solid academic plans for degree

  4. Solid plans for future, beyond academic degree

  5. Social responsibility

  6. Extraordinary strength of character (leadership and overcoming major obstacles)

  7. Interest in and commitment towards helping Syria

To Apply

Please check back in early 2018 for application instructions for the 2018-2019 academic year. Contact Christina for more information.

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